More lectures are coming!!

In this lecture, Ohhashi Hirofumi 7p, an expert on AI play, comments on his game with the young Tengen-title holder Seki Kotaro. The latter is also well known for studying and emulating AI play. This game has a number of interesting plots.

This lecture is by Michael Redmond 9p, who comments on a game by Kevin Yang, the new North America professional. Kevin played this game in the 2022 Globis Cup against Kansai Kiin’s young star, Nishimura Jin.

This lecture is by Ishikura Noboru 9p, the most well-known Go teacher in Japan who also teaches Go courses at the University of Tokyo. Here he comments on some modern fuseki ideas.

Michael Redmond 9p commentated on the “art of sacrificing stones” from a game by the greatest master, Go Saint Honinbo Dosaku. 

Takemiya’s best selection of the cosmic style of play from a game he played with Cho Chikun 9p. 

Ichiriki Ryo 9p presents English commentary on his game against the legendary Iyama Yuta 9p in the final game of the 46th Tengen title match in December 2020. 

Tsuruyama 8p, the student of the legendary Cho Chikun, presents a lecture about useful techniques and the theory of capturing race. He has become one of the most popular Go teachers in Japan since he taught in the NHK Go program in 2020. 

Techniques for developing ko threats for Dan players by Yanagisawa 6p.

A lecture on AI Joseki by Yanagisawa Satoshi 6p.

AI style Joseki, by Cho Zuiketsu 5p.