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Nominations Open for INAF Lifetime Achievement Award

The Iwamoto North American Go Foundation (INAF) is seeking nominations for the “INAF Lifetime Achievement Award” to honor individuals who, over their lifetime, have made significant contributions to the advancement of the culture and sport of Go in North America. It is expected that up to one award will be made each year. The deadline for submitting a nomination is March 31. CLICK HERE for details.

December 5th, 2023|

Terry Benson Receives the 2023 INAF Lifetime Achievement Award

Terry Benson, the president of the American Go Federation, received the 2023 INAF Lifetime Achievement Award.

The following is INAF Board Member, Dave Weimer’s remarks at the US Go Congress in presenting INAF Lifetime Achievement Award to Terry Benson:

The Iwamoto North America Foundation for Go has created an annual award to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of Go in North America. On behalf of the Foundation, I am honored to present the inaugural award to Terry Benson.

Terry learned to play Go in 1960, but only discovered the American Go Association in 1975. However, by 1976 he was editor-in-chief of the American Go Journal and president of the AGA! During his dozen years as president, Terry made the AGA a truly national organization.

Terry has made numerous contributions to American Go since then. However, I will simply note a few things, aside from his dedication to Crazy Go, that should be of interest to Congress attendees. First, as AGA president, Terry supported the successful efforts of Haskell Small to organize the very first US Go Congress. Second, he helped create and then ably lead the American Go Foundation, which has radically changed the demographics of American Go. The over $900 thousand dollars that the AGF has raised and distributed have greatly contributed to the increase in youth participation in American Go, both generally and at the Congress. Third, Terry is one of two people who have attended every US Go Congress!

Please join with me in thanking Terry for his outstanding contributions to American Go and congratulating him for receipt of this award.

July 20th, 2023|

INAF Announces Research Grant for Review of the Relationship Between Mind Sports and Cognitive Functions

On April 5, 2023, Director David Weimer announced awarding a research grant for Professor Xiuwen Wu of the National Louis University for a project that will involve and undergraduate research assistant in surveying reports in the scientific journals that link the development and maintenance of human cognition with mind sports.  Professor Wu has a background in educational psychology and has experience in using go game for the development of number concepts and skills.

April 21st, 2023|

INAF Executive Director Receives Commendation from the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs

On May 20, 2021, the Deputy Consul from the Japanese Consulate in NYC, Mr. Futoshi Matsumotoi, visited Rochester, New York, to present the certificate of the 2020 Japan Foreign Minister’s commendation to INAF Executive Director Thomas Hsiang. See and

Mr. Hsiang was recognized for “his outstanding achievements in promoting Go internationally and in fostering friendship between Japan and other countries and areas”. Hsiang is a long-time international vice president of the American Go Association, a vice president of the International Go Federation, and the secretary general of the International Mind Sport Association. He was one of the principal organizers for a number of international mind-sport tournaments, including the two versions of the quadrennial World Mind Sport Games. He and former Nihon Kiin Chairman Norio Wada founded INAF in 2014, the first Western foundation dedicated to the promotion of Go.

May 26th, 2021|

The 2018 INAF Go Teacher’s Workshop in Tokyo

The Iwamoto North American Foundation for Go has sponsored “Go teachers’ Workshop in Tokyo”, which was held at the Nihon Ki-in between 30 October and 4 November 2018.

The workshop was for the Go instructors in North America who want to learn teaching methods on how to teach go to complete beginers, especially for youth.

5 Americans, 3 Mexicans, and 1 Cuban participated in the workshop.

Mizuma Toshifumi 7p who has rich experiences in teaching Go at schools and his own teaching method gave a lecture and Q&A session for four hours.

The participants visited and watched the actual Go class in Japanese primary and secondary schools and an University.

Remarks/Feedback by participant:
Attending the INAF Go Teachers Workshop this year was a privilege and a pleasure, one I looked forward to for months. I have been hosting a session for kids and families at the National Go Center, called Family Go, for over a year. I was very pleased with the program of instruction and activities, and have already begun enthusiastically spreading what I’ve learned to my fellow teachers at the National Go Center.

In summary, the workshop was a wonderful experience not only for the topics I learned but also for the extraordinary people with whom I shared, and back in the country I plan to implement, together with my federation, everything learned in the workshop starting with a course that allows me to transfer the experiences learned and using the Mizuma method for teaching children, always looking for the best development of Go in Cuba and in the area.

November 28th, 2018|

Applications Being Accepted for The Second INAF-NK Go Teachers’ Workshop

The Iwamoto North American Foundation and the Nihon Kiin announced the Second Go Teachers’ Workshop to be held in Tokyo from October 29 through November 4 this year. The workshop is conducted in English and is intended for people with interest in facilitating the implementation of Go teaching into school or university curriculum. The sponsors will cover all of the workshop and living expenses for the attendees, plus a $1,000 international travel subsidy. Content of the weeklong workshop includes training sessions on Go instruction and organization; visits to Japanese educational institutions that have Go established in the curriculum; lectures on Japanese Go history and culture; group discussions on implementing Go education; and pro teaching games. The application form and the detailed schedule are attached. US, Canadian, Mexican, and Cuban applicants should apply directly to Mr. T. Urasoe <>. Please cc: all correspondences to <>.

July 16th, 2018|

Applications are Being Accepted for Go Teachers’ Workshop

INAF and Nihon Kiin jointly announced the establishment of a Go Teachers’ Workshop, to be held at Nihon Kiin, Tokyo, in the Fall of 2016. The details may be found here.

February 8th, 2016|

Nihon Kiin Makes $2M Donation to INAF

On November 25, 2014, Nihon Kiin Board approved donation of $2M to INAF as its seed fund. Here is the link to the news release.

November 30th, 2014|